For those involved in cross border transactions, a Process Agent is required to ensure that the non-resident contract party can be served with legal proceedings. The agent is a locally based representative who can receive court papers as per instructions from the appointing parties and forward them to the instructing parties in the correct jurisdiction.Find out :

Professional Process Agents understand the exact legal processes and notices they are required to receive on behalf of their clients. As such, they instil confidence that there won’t be any missed or mishandled legal proceeding resulting in costly default judgments.

The Vital Role of Process Agents in International Arbitration

Companies that require Process Agent services often perform independent research on their chosen agents, looking at their pricing, the services they offer and customer reviews. This can help them to select a company that will be around to support its process agent commitments directly for the length of any contracts, thus lightening ongoing administrative burdens.

If you are a trucking or freight broker business that is subject to FMCSA regulations, it is also important to look for a company that can file Form BOC-3 for you with the FMCSA. This is a required listing for all motor carriers who operate in each state they haul or do business. Many of these commercial firms are in the business of providing BOC-3 filing services along with other helpful compliance tools like annual report filings.

One of the most common misconceptions is that Process Agents must hold copies of the contracts for which they act. In fact, this isn’t the case. Process Agents only have to receive the legal notifications that are sent to them on behalf of their clients and forward them on to those clients, without ever seeing the actual contracts themselves.

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