When you’re considering getting tattooed it’s important to find a shop that you trust and feel comfortable with. Some studios will take walk-ins, but others prefer to schedule appointments. This is especially true if you’re thinking about getting a large tattoo or something that requires a lot of detail.

Can I tattoo in Texas?

Some of the best Tattoo Shops Dallas TX are full of talented artists and offer a wide variety of styles. Some specialize in color realism, while others are masters of black and grey and traditional pieces. The following are some of the most popular tattoo shops in Dallas:

Stainless Studio

Located in Dallas, Stainless Studios is an award-winning custom tattoo studio that houses some of the city’s most talented tattoo artists. Its versatile artists are familiar with all kinds of tattooing styles, from bold full-color illustrative to black and grey photorealism. Their portfolios include everything from a circus-themed back piece to a Stevie Ray Vaughan portrait. The studio takes both walk-ins and appointments, and offers piercings as well.

Davis Street Tattoo

Founded in 2014, Davis St. Tattoo is a boutique studio with a vintage vibe. The studio specializes in American and Japanese traditional tattoos and has been voted “Best Tattoo Shop” by the Dallas Observer. Its tattoo artists are patient with first-timers and have solid portfolios that showcase their talent.

Singleton Tattoo

Located in Trinity Groves, Singleton Tattoo is an artist-owned studio with a cozy vibe and free Topo Chicos. The studio has a variety of talented tattoo artists, including Rosa (@singletontattoo) who is known for her delicate work and fine lines.

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