Painting playground paint is often one of the first jobs on a caretaker’s to-do list, especially during half term or out of school holidays. It is a great way to make the area more fun and appealing for children. In fact, studies have shown that brightly coloured playgrounds can increase physical activity, improve classroom behaviour and enhance learning play.

However, if the paint isn’t properly applied or maintained then it can begin to chip and fade over time. In these cases, a surface coating such as Durabak 18 can be used to protect the paintwork. It’s suitable for all weather climates, won’t fade in sunlight and comes in a variety of vibrant colours. It also has slip resistant properties and is ideal for tarmac or concrete playgrounds and can be applied by brush, roller or spray.

Exploring the Benefits of Playground Paint: Enhancing Safety and Fun

Another quick and easy solution is to use line marking paint. This can be applied to any hard, non-absorbent surface and allows you to create a variety of different line-based patterns. It’s ideal for creating a hopscotch game or adding some fun to the classic game of boxing and numbering. It’s also a great choice for creating educational facts timelines or even creating an amazing tennis court on any spare concrete surfaces within the school grounds.

All three surface coatings can be installed year-round, but it is best to avoid the summer months for MMA as it requires cooler temperatures to cure. All surfaces should be thoroughly power washed and dry prior to application for the best results.

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