If your organization uses cloud-based file storage systems like Box, Dropbox or Google Drive to store files, it is important to have a malware scanner API that can quickly scan and verify the integrity of any file that may be uploaded to those environments. The Malware Scanner API provides a powerful and flexible way to scan files, URLs and more to ensure that malware is not introduced into your business.

This malware scanner API documentation iteration expands the security coverage of the basic scan by identifying more types of content threats including Insecure Deserialization strings, Macros (word & excel embedded macros), XML External Entities and password-protected files. The response will provide Booleans indicating whether or not these types of threat were found within the scanned file and, if found, they will indicate the name/type of malware identified.

Shield Your Systems: Navigating the Depths of Malware Scanner API Documentation for Enhanced Cybersecurity

For the best results, we recommend scanning files of at least 500KB in size with this iteration of the malware scanner API. Files of larger sizes will take longer to scan and might be flagged as suspicious based on some of the content detections mentioned above.

For more information about using this API please refer to our API documentation. You will need a valid VirusTotal Community account to use this API and can obtain your API key from your personal settings section once you have signed up. The API can be used by calling the GET endpoint with a URL and your VirusTotal API key as a query parameter.

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