Live Resin, a concentrate that possesses the most authentic cannabis flavor in the extract world, is prized by many cannabis enthusiasts for its potency and richness of flavor. Unlike other extracts, which are often degraded by heat, the cryogenic freezing process used to produce this extract preserves the terpene profile of the plant it was harvested from, providing an experience that can be as close to smoking flower as possible.

This extraction method also allows for the creation of a wide range of different products like rosin, budder, pull and snap, sauce, sugar, wax, and more. Similar to other extracts, this product can be smoked using a specialized dabbing rig, infused into tinctures and topicals for ingestible consumption, or added to a bowl for extra potency.

The Ultimate Guide to Live Resin: What You Need to Know

Because of the specialized extraction process, it can be more expensive than other types of concentrates. The price tag is worth it for many consumers who prefer a more intense and authentic taste profile of the plant they’re consuming.

As with all cannabis products, proper storage is key for preserving the quality of live resin. It should be kept in a dark, airtight container and stored in a cool place between uses to avoid degradation by light, heat, or moisture.

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