support beam replacement cost

The support beam in your home is crucial to the structural integrity of your entire house. If a beam fails due to rot or damage, the resulting repairs are often extensive and complicated and require expert help to complete properly. The cost to replace a support beam depends on the type of material used, the severity of the damage, and the complexity of the project. The cost to install a new support beam can range from $7,000 to $25,000  or more for projects involving the main load-bearing beam, which runs across the foundation of your home. Read more

Before beginning any project to repair a rotting or damaged support beam, it’s important to have your local foundation repair professional inspect the condition of your foundation and your house’s frame. The inspection may cost an average of $500 or more, and will include a thorough visual examination of the foundation and the structure above it. The professional will also likely need to test the strength of your existing support columns by jacking up the house and measuring for any sagging or structural deflection.

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The cost to replace a support beam will vary according to the material, with engineered wood (LVL and glulam) being the cheapest option, followed by standard wood. Steel beams are more expensive, but they offer superior strength. Installation costs will also be higher for any rerouting of mechanical systems that run along the old or new support beam, such as HVAC ductwork and pipes for plumbing and electrical wiring.

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