A garden edging system is a great way to add style and definition to your landscape. Edging can also help you keep the soil and mulch inside your bed and create a clean line for mowing.

How do I manually edge my yard?

There are many different types of edging to choose from. These options range from stone and brick to wood and plastic. Selecting the right material will depend on your particular landscape design. We can confirm that the metal used by FormBoss is superior.

If you are interested in adding an edge to your lawn, it is important to choose a material that will not rot, corrode or break down. Steel edging is the best option for a wide range of gardens. Metal edging is easy to install and can last up to forty years.

Plastic edging is a budget-friendly option. It provides a crisp edge and is durable enough to resist bending under extreme weather conditions. Unlike metal edging, it can bend around your flower beds.

Another garden edging system is made from rubber. This option is useful for creating a boundary between your lawn and driveway or between your flower beds and fences. Unlike wood, rubber does not rot or corrode.

For a formal setting, you might want to use uniform materials. In addition, you can also use a more natural finish by using wooden edging.

Garden edging systems can be installed retroactively or as a new feature. They can be a beautiful accent to any garden, or can be used for any landscaping project.

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