Custody Concerns: Impact of Housing

In addition to its Custody Concerns: Impact of Housing on health and wellbeing, the quality and affordability of housing can have a significant and wide-ranging influence on other aspects of people’s lives. It can help to facilitate social inclusion, increase opportunities for employment and education, support economic development and address inequality.

When custody arrangements for children are determined, courts take into account several issues. One of these is a child’s preference. Another is the parents’ ability to work together and co-parent. Finally, the financial contribution each parent makes to a child’s upbringing is considered. If one parent fails to pay their obligated child support, this can cause major problems for all involved.

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Parental relocations and remarriage can also complicate custody and visitation arrangements. During these times, the courts may make new orders that require both parties to cooperate. For example, if a parent relocates to another state and has shared physical custody of their children, the court may determine that the other parent should be allowed to have visitation rights in the new state.

Regardless of how these issues are resolved, many parents find themselves struggling to balance their other responsibilities with the demands of legal proceedings and custody arrangements. This can create stress and lead to mental health concerns, such as isolation and low self-esteem. It can also result in a lack of focus on other aspects of life, including relationships and job performance.

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